CFI Quote Guideline

Each quote must address the following criteria:


The Supplier Quotation must specifically make reference to the discount as being part of the CFI program. If “CFI” is not explicitly mentioned, the discount will not be acceptable.

For quotes to be acceptable for use as CFI in-kind contribution, the supplier must either:

  1. detail their pricing to include three prices: their List Price, their best academic or best customer price and then the CFI price.

    For example:

    List Price $2,750.00 Academic Price $2,490.00 CFI Price $2,000.00


  1. include a statement on the quote that states that they do not specifically offer an academic or best customer price and that any discount applied is specifically offered as a CFI discount only.

    For example:
    "This supplier does not offer an Academic or Best Customer Price and any discount pricing offered is specifically related to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant program."

These requirements will help ensure that CFI accepts supplier’s in-kind contributions as stated on their quotes.


Each quote must:

  • Provide delivery / shipping and handling / freight details.

If the quote does not clearly state that the cost is included in the price, then a separate line reference is required.  This can be either the actual cost of the delivery (if known) or an estimate.


Each quote must:

  • Indicate the currency, even for Canadian suppliers.
  • Must match the PO price and the price on the invoice. If the quotation price and invoice price do not match, the CFI in-kind contribution cannot be verified.

If the in-kind portion drops because the contribution/discount cannot be verified, the University portion rises, which is generally funded from the researcher’s other accounts.


Please contact Research Financial Services: