Award Finalization Step 1 - CFI Award Finalization Stage

If your applications to both CFI and ORF are successful, you will begin the award finalization process with Research Financial Services. There can be a long wait (sometimes longer than 6 months) between CFI and ORF decisions.  CFI expects awards to be finalized within 9 months of CFI decisions. 

Normally, award finalization precedes initiation of procurement processes. It is recommended that project leaders prepare for the procurement stage by reviewing  Purchasing Policies and Procedures.


The following deliverables must be provided to Research Financial Services within 9 months of notice of approval from MCU of funding for the ORF-RI SIF

  • Award Finalization Spreadsheet
  • Final (Revised) Quotes
  • Explanation of all variances >$1,000 per line item (category)
  • Updated Project Start Date
  • Updated Project End Date
  • E-mail confirming the account to charge for the University’s contribution.


Please use the following as a guide to completing the above deliverables:

  1. Contact the Research Financial Services to obtain the internal award finalization template.
  2. Transfer information from the original application spreadsheet onto this new finalization spreadsheet. Do not change the order of (or omit) any items from the original application spreadsheet.
  3. Contact Rajna Marilovic, Procurement and Contracting Officer x53779 , to discuss the UofG purchasing process. All items in excess of $100,000 must follow the U of G competitive bidding process prior to the actual purchase. Purchasing Services will also provide assistance with single source justification (per UofG policy) for all items in excess of $5,000.
  4. Obtain updated CFI acceptable quotes for every item listed on the original application spreadsheet. Every item must be requoted.
  5. Enter all updated quote information onto the internal award finalization template (in columns D,E,F and G. Also, add information to columns T, U and V).
  6. Well in advance of the 9-month deadline, email the award finalization template and all revised quotes  to Linda Hoffman (


For any questions, please contact:

Linda Hoffman
519-824-4120 x53194