Sample Infrastructure Justification


  • Organize the justification in a way that makes the most sense for your research and then organize your spreadsheet the same way
  • Where possible, group items into functional units or suites (e.g. Standard Lab Equipment)
  • Within each suite, identify specific items and provide CFI cash price for each
  • Describe each item of equipment
  • Demonstrate how each item is necessary to your research objectives by referring to specific objectives and/or activities
  • If a large $ amount or percentage of in kind is expected for an item, explain why/how it is being offered and valued



  • CFI Cash price = Column S in spreadsheet
  • In-kind = Column T in spreadsheet
  • Quantity = number of equipment items included in the suite

Item #1 Mega and Micro Probes (CFI Cash Price= $xx; In-Kind= $xx; Quantity: 2)

The Bruker Mega probe (CFI $ ; in-kind $)and Micro probe (CFI $ ; in-kind $) are required to [e.g. achieve objective X; achieve required level of accuracy; conduct component XYZ of research].  These probes include features XYZ, which are necessary to [do the above].  Comparable supplier equipment does not include these features.

Item # 2 Research Data Analysis Suite (CFI Cash Price= $; In-Kind= $xx; Quantity:4)

Four workstations, each with a computer, are required for Dr. X and 3 HQP to conduct research data analysis on site, as required to maintain data security ($cash price).  Computers are required for the storage and analysis of the research data involved in meeting objective XYZ.  Brand X is compatible with existing equipment and network infrastructure at the University of Guelph. Dr. X has consulted with Compute Canada.  The project does not require “advanced computing” and the computing costs are less than $100,000; therefore, the data will not be hosted by Compute Canada.  One printer is required on site to ensure data security ($Cash price).

Item #3 Standard Lab Equipment (CFI Cash Price= $xx; In-Kind= $xx; Quantity 14)

Standard lab equipment is required to conduct [projects/objectives]. Centrifuge (CFI $ ; in-kind $), 2 freezers (CFI $ ; in-kind $), 10 shakers(CFI $ ; in-kind $), stir plate (CFI $ ; in-kind $),will be purchased from supplier Y. They meet the standard required for [connect to research activities or objectives].

Item #4 Warranty service contract (CFI Cash Price= $xxx; Quantity 1)

Dr. X. will purchase a 3-year warranty/service contract for Item 1 (Bruker Mega and Micro probes) anticipating that recalibration will be required on a regular basis.  No in kind contribution was offered or received.

Item #5 Laboratory Renovations (CFI Cash Price= $xxxx; Quantity 1)

Dr. X’s research requires a wet lab [specifications] to house requested equipment.  It will be housed on Floor xx of Building X, adjacent to [lab xyz] and [class xyz].  The renovations involve [refer to physical resources quote].   As shown in the floor plan, the [xx] lab will involve construction of two interior spaces; the xxx room (sq foot) and the YYY room (sq. ft).  The xxx room will house [xxx] required for [what research purpose].  The YYY room will house [xxx] required for [what research purpose]. These are separated by a soundproof wall, so that [rationale]. This work is being done by the University’s Physical Resources and therefore includes no in-kind contribution.