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MSc Thesis Defence - Olalekan Temowo

School of Environmental Design and Rural Development - Capacity Development & Extension M.Sc. Thesis Defense by Olalekan Temowo "Rural Institutions in Agricultural Development:  A Case Study of the Second National Fadama Development Project in Nigeria" Exam Committee: Helen Hambly, Advisor John FitzSimons, Advisory Committee Ataharul Chowdhury, Graduate Faculty member TBA, Exam Chair

2018 SEDRD Orientation Day for New Students

School of Environmental Design & Rural Development (SEDRD) Fall 2018 Orientation Day for New Students in SEDRD including: Landscape Architecture | Rural Planning and Development  | Capacity Development & Extension  | Rural Studies Wednesday, September 5th:   SEDRD Orientation Day 9:30 am:   Landscape Architecture Student Society (LASS); for landscape architecture students.    Information provided on the LASS student association—goals, plans, activities, fees, building tour etc.   Location:   LA 125.

Health and Shared Prosperity Conference

The 2018 Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation (CRRF) Conference is all about bringing together practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, and researchers interested in rural issues.  This conference is a unique opportunity to share your own successes, learn from a diverse group of individuals, and hear the latest on issues that matter to communities and people who call rural Canada home.

SEDRD Winter Social Party 2018

The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development's Winter Social Party will be held on Friday, November 23, 2018 at the Italian Canadian Club.  This event is for all students, faculty and staff and their guests in SEDRD (including Landscape Architecture, Rural Planning and Development, Capacity Development and Extension, and Rural Studies).  Doors open at 6:30 pm | Dinner served at 7:00 pm. Details on the event will be provided shortly.

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