Master of Landscape Architecture

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The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree program prepares students for creative thinking and collaborative learning leading to professional careers. 

From these historical roots within a smaller city set among rural landscapes and close to metropolitan areas, the MLA program offers diverse opportunities for study, research, creative design, and professional practice. The combination of undergraduate and graduate programs yields a substantial body of engaged students and organizations and provides teaching assistant opportunities for MLA students. Our legacy includes an alumni network that is engaged and involved in our programs and employs our graduates in global design. Our faculty have diverse experiences and perspectives for a broad spectrum of learning. We offer immersive, project-centered learning formats that include peer-to-peer sharing, field study, in-depth topical discussions, seminars, lectures, and landscape design studios. An undergraduate landscape architecture degree is not required to apply for the MLA degree program.

The MLA degree program is structured for students to acquire and master a professional level of design competency. The curriculum has three integrated streams: design theory and practice, landscape analysis and planning, and research inquiry and application.  The MLA program leads to a professional degree that meets the educational requirements for entry into professional associations across Canada, North America and abroad.

The typical MLA program is six semesters in duration.  Graduate registration occurs in Fall and Winter semesters and students request an "Academic Break" in the Summer semesters to gain professional practical experience.  

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