Landscape Architecture

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Landscape architecture requires an understanding of people, land and the fit between them.  Using creativity and innovation, Landscape Architects aim to meet the needs of people while improving the environment.  They design memorable places that are attractive, functional and sustainable and that affect the way our cities, suburbs, rural and wilderness areas are planned, designed and managed.  If you have creative abilities and are interested in problem-solving and communication, then consider studying landscape architecture at the University of Guelph.

The fully accredited four-year (8 semester) Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program and the three-year (6 semester) Master of Landscape Architecture program meet the educational requirements for entry into the professional associations of landscape architects across Canada, North America and abroad.

Graduates from our programs become licensed professionals and have exciting careers in the public, private and academic sectors, within Canada and around the world.

Landscape Architecture Mission Statement

To excel at comprehensive and evidence-based education, innovation, and scholarship in the art and science of landscape architecture and to prepare graduates to lead professional practice into the future.

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is a profession committed to the creation of meaningful and vital outdoor places and to the sustainable management of our environment.  Landscape Architects strive to establish a balance between our use and enjoyment of the land with the conservation and health of the environment.  The Profession is committed to improving our quality of life by applying creative, technical and scientific skills to manage and create environments that are attractive, functional, innovative and appropriate.

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Master of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture is a diverse and rewarding design profession.  Landscape Architects play an important role in shaping our environment, working in collaboration with other designers, scientists and the public.  As a Landscape Architect, you'll be involved in conservation, design and management of landscapes from the scale of individual sites to entire communities and regions. 

Landscape Architects are guided by the ideals of sustaining resources for future generations, accommodating human use and enjoyment, and enhancing aesthetic quality in the environment.  As professionals, we serve the needs of society and individual clients through public, private and academic practice.

Students in the MLA program undertake design projects and theses focused on sustainable communities, urban design, national parks and conservation areas, ecological restoration, golf courses and waterfronts, urban parks, plazas and districts, community design, therapeutic landscapes, heritage conservation, land reclamation and remediation, and tourism planning and design.

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