Landscape Architecture Student Society

Aeriel view of BLA students gathered on a Chicago street for a field trip

The Landscape Architecture Student Society (LASS) is one of the most active student chapters in North America.  The goal of LASS is to enhance all aspects of student life.  LASS works with fellow students and the faculty to coordinate both educational, social events and other activities.  LASS is also involved in the everyday running of school life and operates "Rick and Willie's" - a store to provide students with supplies, print and copy machines, and special materials.  LASS is made up of a council with representatives from each class of both undergraduate and graduate programs so that all aspects are communicated to the entire student body.  In addition to class representatives, there is a full executive plus various committee members.  Guelph landscape architecture students are renowned for their involvement, and this is reflected by the strong organization that LASS continues to be.

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2023/2024 LASS Co-Presidents:  Julia Lupton and Olivia Montgomery

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