Canada 150 Symposium: Reflect and Envision Food Security/Borders/Indigenous Resistance

Date and Time



University of Guelph


The Canada 150 Symposium: Reflect and Envision - Food Security / Borders / Indigenous Resistance is an opportunity to come together as a community to reflect on what we can learn from our collective past to envision Canada's national and global role in the 21st century.  Throughout the symposium, delegates will have an opportunity to hear from a variety of individuals with experience and disciplinary strength in the fields of food security, trade, national security, and indigenous issues. 

This conference is an opportunity to continue the conversation that began 25 years ago when the University of Guelph hosted the 'Canada Break-up or Re-Structure: The Consequences of our Future' symposium.  This is an important time for our country as we work to address national issues while playing an important role on the global stage. 

Professor Sheri Longboat in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development is participating as an Indigenous scholar for an art installation/preformance on the Saturday lunch time session.

Details regarding the schedule and registration link can be found on the Open learning and Education Support website.


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