The Implications of Neglecting Transportation Policy in Remote Areas Webinar

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This webinar includes three presentations exploring the neglect of transportation policy in remote areas of Canada. You will hear how regulation changes from Transport Canada will have significant ripple effects on rural and remote communities that reply on air transportation for everything from produce to medevacs. The second presentation explores the need for an airport/airstrip in Wasagamack First Nations in Northern Manitoba, which includes recommendations as to increase the level of this issue and how to get the government to fund it, and how to fund the project themselves. Lastly, details surrounding the critical infrastructure failure of the Churchhill, Manitoba railway is examined, while analyzing the complex partnerships, vulnerabilities and dependencies involved.

The webinar is hosted by the Rural Policy Learning Commons.  The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development is a member of the Rural Policy Learning Commons. To register for this free webinar click here.  

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