PhD Thesis Defence - Sara Epp

Date and Time


Landscape Architecture building, Room 143


PhD in Rural Studies - School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

Thesis Defence by Sara Epp

"Assessing Resilience in Agriculture:  A Case Study of Old Order Mennonite Communities in Northern Ontario"

EXAMINATION COMMITTEE:                                                                     
Wayne Caldwell, SEDRD, Advisor                                                                             
Chris Fullerton, Geography and Tourism Studies, Brock University, Advisory Committee                                                                          
Tom Daniels, City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania School of Design, External Examiner
Martin Holland, SEDRD, Internal Examiner                                                   =
Karen Landman, SEDRD, Exam Chair             

Wayne Caldwell, SEDRD, Advisor
Chris Fullerton, Geography and Tourism, Brock University
Chris Bryant, Adjunct Professor, SEDRD        

Everyone is welcome to attend. 

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