Lecture: "Planning for Golf's Decline: A talk on landscape adaptation opportunities for a dynamic region"

Date and Time


The Red Brick Cafe, 8 Douglas Street, Guelph


Free public lecture by Brendan Stewart, SEDRD Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, University Guelph.

"PLANNING FOR GOLF'S DECLINE:  A talk on landscape adaptation opportunites for a dynamic region".


As demographic trends, cultural values, and economic forces shrink the sport of golf over the coming decades, large swaths of land are likely to become available for new uses. Based on a regional analysis of the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) — a special planning zone that is home to 8 million people and is projected to grow to 13.5M by 2041 — this talk argues that these lands represent an important resource to address some of the urgent challenges of our times, and proposes the need to develop a pro-active planning framework to maximize progressive social, economic, and environmental planning outcomes.

Summarizing initial research, the talk presents a map-based inventory and analysis of the GGH’s golf land resource, and begins to explore possible future scenarios for planning, conservation, and design that stem from a unique set of aesthetic, cultural, and environmental attributes.


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