PhD Thesis Defence - Stephen Booth

Date and Time


Landscape Architecture Building, Room 100


PhD in Rural Studies - School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

Thesis Defence by Stephen Booth

"Uncommon Waters: Intercultural Conflict over the Atlantic Salmon of the Restigouche Watershed"

Examination Committee:                                                               
Dr. John FitzGibbon, SEDRD, Advisor                                                             
Dr. Jack Imhof, Trout Unlimited Canada, Advisory Committee                    
Dr. Chris Alcantara, Department of Political Science, Western University, External Examiner
Dr. Sheri Longboat, SEDRD, Internal Examiner                                                         
Dr. Nathan Perkins, SEDRD Exam Chair        

Advisory Committee:
Dr. John FitzGibbon, SEDRD, Advisor 
Dr. Jack Imhof, Trout Unlimited Canada
Dr. Al Lauzon, SEDRD

Everyone welcome.                                                                                

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