Webinar: Rural Mobility and Public Transit Across Canada

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Mobility and transit are critical for rural communities and rural residents. However, sustainable transit systems are a struggle for many communities. Similarly, mobility and access to services are complex challenges for many.

In 2020, the Federal Government put out a call for research projects related to Mobility and Public Transit, including Rural Mobility. This Rural Development Institute webinar presents the findings from four projects:

  1. Navigating Rural: Place-Based Transit Solutions for Rural Canada: This presentation will discuss the role that place specific factors play in transit – from general trends across rural to how demographics, local economies, and social factors influence transit. Additionally, it will summarize innovative rural transit systems across Canada and discuss how innovations vary. Presenters: Mark Trueman and Courtney Sutherland.
  2. Here today, Gone tomorrow: Public Transportation and Vulnerabilities in Rural and Remote Canada: The lives of people living in rural and remote places are often constricted and made more vulnerable by the absence of accessible transportation. This presentation explores how the presence or absence of public transportation contributes to people's vulnerability in rural and remote locations. Presenters: Cindy Hanson and Jo Ann Jaffe.
  3. Missing the Bus: Indigenous Women, Two-Spirit People and Public Transit in Western Canada: The erosion of options for public transit over the last two decades has obvious implications for the safety, or lack of it, for Indigenous women and Indigenous two-spirited people. This presentation explores the connections between uneven mobility, mobility justice, and the particular context of Indigenous women and Two-Spirit Plus people in Western Canada. Presenter: Karine Duhamel.
  4. Equity and Justice in Public Transit: It is critically important that public sector investments are not only distributed equitably but also work to promote social inclusion. This presentation focuses on understanding the experiences of equity-seeking groups when it comes to public transit. Presenter: Sheryl-Ann Simpson.

The webinar is free to join, however, registration is required

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