LA Guest Lecture: Petra Blaisse, Inside Outside

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University of Guelph - Landscape Architecture Guest Lecture Series presents:

Petra Blaisse Founder of Inside Outside, Amsterdam - The Netherlands  

Lecture on "City Gardens"

Headshot of Petra BlaisseImage:  Petra Blaisse, Founder of Inside Outside

Petra Blaisse, Inside Outside's founder and lead designer, is experienced in a multitude of creative areas, including interior design, landscape architecture, exhibition and textile design. Blaisse has branched out from a broad background in artistic craft and the applied arts. In 1978, she went on to work for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam at the department of Applied Arts.
From 1986 onwards, Blaisse worked as a freelance exhibition designer. In realizing a series of award-winning installations and exhibitions with OMA, Blaisse acquired an extensive knowledge on the use of light, composition, colour, materials and acoustics to create environments that would impact her later work. She first gained international acclaim for her use of textiles and finishes in interior spaces. Her practice in the field of landscape design was strengthened through working on a broad range of projects from private gardens to landscape masterplans.
In 1991 she founded Inside Outside. The studio specializes in the off-hand combination of interior and exterior design, interweaving architecture and landscape and transcending the borders in-between. She leads projects globally of increasing technical sophistication, ambition, and scale. Working in close collaboration with teams of renowned architects, botanists and gardeners, engineers, artists, and textile manufacturers worldwide. Blaisse's control of space and place-making puts her at the forefront. Italy, Lebanon, Taiwan, Germany, the United States and Switzerland are some of the recent contexts in which she has realized her characteristic outside, inside and in between environments.

Lecture kindly supported by the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects.

All welcome to attend.  Contact:  Landscape Architecture Guest Lecture Coordinator:  Nadia Amoroso, Associate Professor.  Student Speaker Series Assistant:  Tatijana Vukovic.

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