MSc RPD Thesis Defence: John Dale

Date and Time


Via videoconference


John Dale, a Master of Science (Rural Planning and Development + International Development Studies) student, will defend their thesis research titled “Mutual Aid and Third Places during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Intersections in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick”. A brief description of their thesis research is listed below:

Rural and peripheral to the economic core of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, like much of Atlantic Canada, has been historically illustrated as economically under-developed provinces. While policy frameworks address many regional problems, Nova Scotians & New Brunswickers continue to come together in creative and innovative ways to respond to many of their needs, both at home and in their larger communities. Relying heavily on gray literature, this research explores how Nova Scotians and New Brunswickers experience “Mutual Aid.” This research illustrates the unique landscape of Mutual Aid in the region and its connection to place. It will also explore how these geographies have shifted in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, by revealing gaps in our current economic system, this research attempts to inform the way we think about community connectedness and welfare.

Members of the examination committee will include: Prof. Ryan Gibson (advisor, SEDRD), Prof. Silvia Sarapura (Graduate Faculty, SEDRD), Prof. Sara Epp (Graduate Faculty, SEDRD), and Prof. Nic Brunet will serve as chair.  The thesis is open to the public and instructions for joining the video conference can be requested from



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