James Tuer Graphic Workshop

Date and Time


James Tuer of JWT Architecture, Landscape Architecture + Planning will be offering a Graphic Workshop on Friday, 24 January, 2014 for those students requiring 'basic skills' development to enhance their graphic work.  He will provide a graphic styles presentation, demonstrations of line drawing fundamentals, working with colour, and drawing types, and will engage participants in 3 skill development exercises throughout the day.

Workshop is day-long (9:00am - 5:00pm) and is being targeted specifically to graphic 'never-evers' (geared to 1st and 2nd years) and those requiring support for their developing graphic skill set in the BLA and MLA programs.  A second workshop, targeting students with more advanced graphic skills yet desiring additional instruction, will be offered later in February. 

Pizza lunch will be provided. 
Workshop cost is $25 with payment required at time of registration. 
Materials list will be provided to registrants at time of registration. 
Registration will be commencing January 27th on a first-come basis. 
Space will also be limited to 40 participants.  Please watch for poster!

More information on James and his work can be found at http://www.jwtarchitecture.com

Faculty Contact:  Sean Kelly - skelly03@uoguelph.ca

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