RPD Student Profile - Sampoorna Bhattacharya

Posted on Monday, July 6th, 2020

Sampoorna’s (she/her) hometown includes both Kolkata, India and Richmond Hill, Ontario. Sampoorna completed a Bachelor’s degree at Carleton University in History and Theory of Architecture and is now completing a Master’s degree at the University of Guelph in Rural Planning & Development in collaboration with International Development Studies. 

Previously, Sampoorna has worked with Heritage Ottawa and the National Trust for Canada. Sampoorna is the National Trust for Canada 2019 Herb Stovel Scholar and the 2018 ACO NextGen Award Winner. 

As a first year RPD student, Sampoorna is researching the significance of preserving heritage systems in rural areas for community development from a resilience and sustainability perspective. The two study sites for this research are rural Quechua communities located in the Andean highland regions in Peru, and the heritage typology being studied is terraced landscapes, locally known as andenes. Terraces originated in the Huarpa civilization circa 600 AD, and were evolved and adapted over several succeeding civilizations. Today, they are maintained through generationally carried traditional indigenous knowledge. With this research, Sampoorna aims to contribute to emerging discourses around rural heritage conservation, indigenous governance and heritage and climate change.

Follow Sampoorna on Twitter at @samp8rna or samp8rna.com. Check out the Rural Planning and Development webpage for more details on our graduate programs.

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