Casandra Bryant

Sessional Instructor - EDRD*3160*DE & EDRD*3400 - W23

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PhD Candidate, Rural Studies, University of Guelph
MSc, Capacity Development and Extension, University of Guelph
BA (Hons), International Development, University of Guelph

As a PhD student in Rural Studies, Casandra's research investigates the intersection of gender and rural social enterprise development. She is also a Research Associate for Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health and is conducting research on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and rural healthcare workers.

Casandra's work in communication spans over 20 years in both the academic, and professional arenas. Her MSc. thesis examined communication for development with a focus on new media with rural radio broadcasters and extension workers in Africa and Latin America. Her time at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in the Forestry Department concentrated on media communication. As a professional, Casandra worked with numerous non-profit organizations both in Canada and internationally, as a Director for Client Development and Stewardship for a company specializing in new media consulting and software development for fundraising and communication.


EDRD*3160*DE International Communication - W23
EDRD*3400 Sustainable Communities - W23