Rural Knowledge Mobilization and Social Media Webinar

Date and Time


On March 15, 2017 at 11:30 am (CST), join the Rural Policy Learning Commons' webinar focused on rural knowledge mobilization and social media. Explore how you can use social media more effectively to engage your stakeholder and encourage knowledge mobilization between partners and colleagues. This six-person panel will put a spotlight on some of the successful social media initiatives from across the country.

Bojan Furst: Manager of Knowledge Mobilization at Memorial University's Harris Centre will provide a quick introduction and talk about use of podcasts as knowledge mobilization tools using Rural Routes podcast as an example.

Shawna Reibling: knowledge mobilization officer with the Wilfrid Laurier University will talk about two initiatives featuring citizen science and the Centre for Sustainable food Systems.

Krista Jensen: Knowledge Mobilization Officer with York University will tell us about the social media strategy development services she provides to York researchers.

Dr. Ailsa Fullwood: Research Support Facilitator and Knowledge Broker at McMaster university will tell us about Research Snaps project focusing on Indigenous research and water research.

Dr. Ryan Gibson: Professor from the University of Guelph will tell us about a successful e-newsletter strategy he developed for the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation during his tenure as the president of the foundation.

Michael Blatherwick: Liason Officer for Rural Policy Learning Commons based at the Rural Development Institute at Brandon University will tell us about the use of webinars such as this one as part of a multi-stakeholder partnership initiative.

Bojan, Shawna, Krista, and Ailsa are all members of the the Research Impact Canada Network.

Bojan, Ryan, and Michael are all members of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation ( and participants in the Rural Policy Learning Commons ( SSHRC funded partnership grant. The webinar is free to participate. Register for the webinar at The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development is a partner in the Rural Policy Learning Commons.

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