Certificate in Communication Process: Bridging Theory and Practice

The certificate in Communication Process is offered online through the University of Guelph's Capacity Development and Extension program in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development. All courses are offered in distance education format.The program of study is structured as follows:

Required Courses:

EDRD*2020*DE Interpersonal Communication

This course introduces dyadic and small-group communication. The focus is on communication style and effectiveness with attention to verbal and nonverbal communication, listening behaviour and conflict.

EDRD*3120*DE Educational Communication

This course addresses the communication concepts and practices within the formal and non-formal educational contexts. Communication is central to teaching and learning because communication mediates a conscious effort either on the part of the learners to learn, or on the part of the teachers to provide and transfer knowledge, attitudes and skills. 

EDRD*3140*DE Organizational Communication

This course explores the application of communication process theory to organizations with special emphasis on internal organizational processes experienced at individual, group and organizational levels. Students examine communication in different organizational contexts including civil society, government, business and transnational corporations.

EDRD*3160*DE International Communication

This course examines the role of communication in global development. Emphasis is on the application of interpersonal, intercultural communications and the mass media in the development process. 

EDRD*4120DE Leadership Development in Small Organizations

The main theories of leadership will be discussed with exploration of the current literature, practice leadership skills and perform relevant activities in an on-line environment. Emphasis will be placed on the communication challenges facing leaders in small organizations and the importance of developing a culture of shared leadership.

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