Celebrate Our Spaces

Posted on Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Written by Sarah Joosse, Wellness@Work Coordinator

During Healthy Workplace Month, we asked faculty and staff, "What’s your favourite space on campus and why do you like it so much?" We encouraged our campus community to take a photo of a place they love the best anywhere U of G is and were impressed with the beautiful photos we received. 

The top three photos that were selected by the review committee are shared below: 

First Place

Vicki Shearer’s photo of Macdonald Street 

Photo Description: Macdonald Street is a short stretch of road and walkway yet by curving up ever so gracefully towards Macdonald Institute and Macdonald Hall, it is one of my favourite historical locations on the entire campus. The distinctive red bricking and architecture of both buildings when combined with the colours of the fall landscape are like out of a storybook. You never forget the buildings once you have seen them. The scene in my photo looks just as grand in the winter when majestic pines take over the responsibility of accessorizing the classic buildings from the elm and maple - keeping the landscape alive until the following spring. 

Second Place

Erin Detlor’s photo of the Art Gallery

Photo Description: Every year we do photos on campus with my family and my brother’s family. It creates great memories for our boys and I get to brag about what a beautiful campus I get to work at every day! 

Third Place

Mohammad Melebari (Mido)’s photo of the Food Science Building 

Photo Description: Simply, it is my department, my second home!

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