Win the Battle of Night-Time Snacking

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Written by Allison Whitten, SNAP Volunteer (2014)

Yet another night is winding down, when suddenly what you thought you could avoid catches up to you… the night time snack craving! You may have heard before that eating after a certain time causes weight gain. It is not the time that you eat, but the total calories consumed in a day that influences your weight. Late night snacks are often less healthy options and high in added fats and sugar. However, it is unwise to not feed your body when you are hungry. And let’s be honest here, it is pretty hard to catch a good night’s sleep when your stomach is constantly growling!


I personally crave a snack every night around 10pm, and rather than try to fight my body’s signals I try and enjoy a “healthier” bed time snack. Instead of grabbing a bag of potato chips try pretzels sided with vanilla yogurt for dipping. Not only will this satisfy your salty craving, but pretzels are very filling. Consider air popping popcorn and leaving it plain, or try sprinkling some cinnamon on top for flavour. If you’re a pizza lover, try eating some whole grain crackers paired with a bit of cut up cheese instead.


I am also not afraid to admit that I have fallen victim to the ice cream binge.  An easy way to battle this sweet tooth is to enjoy some Greek yogurt and berries, applesauce with a small pack of raisins tossed in or even split frozen yogurt with a friend.


Night-time snacking doesn’t have to be a feel bad moment! Pick nutritious options that are lower in fat and added sugars. If you always feel starving in the evening try eating your dinner later in the evening. By eating enough to tie you over until morning, but avoiding over-eating you too can win the battle of the late-night hunger games!


Written by Allison Whitten, SNAP Volunteer (2014)


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