Research Financial Services Reaching for Success in Wellness

Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2019

Written by Amanda Sawlor

In 2018, Research Financial Services received a Wellness@Work grant for their RFS Reaching for Success in Wellness application. 

They held an 8-week health (steps) challenge within their department, focusing on physical activity and hosted three group walking tours to motivate each other.  Through the steps challenge, 7 of them collectively walked over 4 million steps in 8 weeks. 

They held two lunch and learn sessions, which provided helpful coping skills and tips for dealing with stress that can be part of their work.  

The group held potluck lunches, played boardgames together on breaks and relaxed during a yoga session.  

Participants in the department also led a random acts of kindness initiative, where they provided thank you cards and small gift bags to key partners. 

"The wellness grant emphasized and strengthened the fact that RFS is like ‘family’, which sticks, works and laughs together comes high or low water, something one can only wish for in a workplace." 

"I liked everything about the wellness grant, from the team meetings to discuss the application, the team challenges, the informative and educational tours (which got us outside to enjoy the weather) and sharing meals.  The games definitely relieved any stress, as they had us laughing out loud."  

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