Friendship Friday: 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset

Posted on Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Written by Workr Beeing

Day 5: Friendship Friday 

Having friends to rely on and relax with is really important for your health. Research shows that having personal connections with others is one of the key factors that make you live longer. But, it’s even harder to connect, now that we are all so separated! Continuing to build strong relationships is important at this time - having community helps in coping with stress!

Friday’s Workr Beeing Challenge

New Bee

Schedule a 30 minute catch up meeting with someone you haven’t talked to in a while, at work or outside of work. Use a technology that has video capability if you can. Focus on conversation that helps you to create deeper connections - ask how they are feeling or what they are doing to relieve stress!

Honey Bee

Do an intentional good deed for someone today. Is there something that would really brighten another person’s day? Think about what would make someone else smile and then do it! Maybe you send someone a small gift that would make them smile or pick up groceries for someone who can’t get supplies themselves. Whatever it is, make sure it’s really special and tailored to them!

Boss Bee

Find a way to volunteer to help. If you already have a job that is allowing you to serve others during this time, just keep doing what you’re doing! But, if you haven’t been able to volunteer your time, find a way you can do so. Help non-profits make phone calls to check in on clients, give blood, send a treat to a local hospital, or help a neighbor. Even making an inspirational sign for your front door can give others hope.

Friday’s Journal Reflection

  • What did you learn from connecting with others virtually?
  • How did you feel after you connected with others?
  • How can you continue letting your friends know you care in the long-term?

Note your reflections in the fillable journal reflection worksheet and submit to for your chance to win a prize! 

View additional Friendship Friday physical activity challenges in the attachment below.

Adapted with permission from Workr Beeing.

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