Mindful Monday: 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Written by Workr Beeing

Day 1: Mindful Monday

Mindfulness is a practice backed by tons of research - it enhances your connectedness to yourself and decreases reactivity and exhaustion. Even a little practice can help, so try to find ways to build mindfulness into your day, even for a few minutes. Psychologically, mindfulness helps you to separate from stressors that can zap your mental resources. Physically, mindfulness helps you to be more aware of and in tune with your body’s needs. Overall, mindfulness helps you to broaden your awareness away from what is stressing you and allows you to get more in tune with yourself!

Monday’s Workr Beeing Challenge

New Bee

You might be participating in a lot of calls or virtual meetings these days. In between the end of  one meeting and the start of another, take 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Focus only on the breath. It helps to turn off the sound on your  phone or computer, so that you don’t get distracted by incoming messages.

Honey Bee

Convert social media or TV time into mindfulness time. We are all getting overwhelmed with information right now, and it can be too much at times. Consciously shave 30 minutes off of the time that you would usually spend consuming media (especially COVID-19 related information  which can be stressful) and use it instead to do a mindfulness meditation on YouTube or through an app.  

Boss Bee

Spend one hour in a natural setting. That might be a backyard, a park (practice social distancing!), or a wooded area. As long as you stay away from other people, being in nature is a very healthy way to practice mindfulness at this time. You might spend your lunch break or an hour before or  after your work day begins in nature. Try not to focus on anything other than your surroundings, appreciating their beauty. 

Monday’s Journal Reflection

  • Was it hard to stay focused and mindful while completing your activities? Why or why not?
  • How might you incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life from now on?  

Note your reflections in the fillable journal reflection worksheet and submit it for your chance to win a prize! 

View additional mindfulness challenges, including some stretching ideas, in the Mindful Monday attachment below.

Adapted with permission from Workr Beeing

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