Work-Life Wednesday: 5-Day Workplace Wellness Reset

Posted on Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

Written by Workr Beeing

Day 3: Work-Life Wednesday

Balancing work and life is even more difficult under these circumstances - with schools and many workplaces closed, the boundaries between work and life may be even more blurry. For those still working outside of home, work can look different and be much more exhausting. Below are some tips that will help you to improve your work-life balance (even though perfect balance is almost impossible!), during a time when home time and work time are very different than usual.

Wednesday’s Workr Beeing Challenge

New Bee

Where you are working matters. Take 15 minutes to organize and make your workspace more  appealing. Make sure that you’re working in a space that is as quiet and free from distractions as  possible. If you have to move your workspace to achieve this, do so. Now add some elements  that help you to feel more productive and happy - a plant or some decor. If you aren’t at home, try to keep your workspace as tidy as possible even through the chaos. Take a few minutes to  organize the space to help the rest of your day move smoothly.

Honey Bee

Delegate a task that is stressing you out to someone else. Maybe you have been made   responsible for something at work that could easily be shared or completed by someone else.  Maybe you’ve been taking on a household task that you really don’t find enjoyable - is there  someone else in the house you could delegate that task to? If you live alone, pick a task that is  stressing you and find a way to manage it more efficiently. During a stressful time, this might mean allowing yourself to be ok with that task not getting done frequently, or at all.

Boss Bee

We often focus on the conflicts between work and life. But, they can enrich each other. Spend  20 minutes journaling about how your work made you better at tackling life challenges or how  your life made you better at tackling work challenges. Maybe you feel happy in your life, and that makes you happy in work (or vice versa). Or maybe you are learning skills in either area that are  helping you to improve in the other. Write about the synergies to focus on them!

Wednesday’s Journal Reflection

  • How did you feel managing your work and life differently?
  • Did you feel more effective at balancing them because you were being proactive?

Note your reflections in the fillable journal reflection worksheet and submit to for your chance to win a prize! 

View additional Work-Life Wednesday physical activity challenges in the attachment below.

Adapted with permission from Workr Beeing.

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