World Suicide Prevention Day - Can Be Everyday

Posted on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Written by Jean Thompson

While suicide prevention requires the community's work 365 days a year, September 10th marks the annual World Suicide Prevention Day. Suicide prevention can look like food security, healthy relationships, and crisis support, but it can also look like education. One of the ways the University of Guelph contributes to suicide prevention all year round is by offering programs such as LivingWorks Start. LivingWorks Start is an online module that teaches participants to recognize when someone might be thinking about suicide and connect them to help and support. UofG students, staff, and faculty can participate in this training by requesting access through The program takes approximately 90 minutes to complete, after which you will be better prepared to support our suicide safer community. 

Over 250 students, staff, and faculty have participated in this program over the last year. While September 10th marks a great day to sign-up, you can do so at any time. With back-to-campus and back-to-class plans challenging us all, it is a great time to become more suicide aware. That said, if you need to spend that time elsewhere right now to support those around you, you are always welcome to register for LivingWorks Start at any day of the year, simply by emailing

For folks interested in contributing further, the Suicide Awareness Council of Wellington-Dufferin is running "10 Days, 100 Ways" which is based on 10 themes of protective factors that can contribute to suicide prevention. By participating in the online events, community members build new connections and in turn, contribute to a suicide safer community filled with neighbourly relationships!

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