AHL Newsletter June 2018

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May 1, 2018, AHL User’s Guide and Fee Schedule

Front cover of 2018 AHL User's Guide and Fee Schedule

  •  Includes more test information, new tests, new test panels, fee adjustments, and more!
  •  Mobile friendly!
  •  Available on-line at https://www.uoguelph.ca/ahl/
  •  Test information is linked to LabNotes to facilitate test selection and interpretation of results.
  •  Please note that tumor margin evaluation, histt, is charged in addition to the histopathology fee (see below).
  •  New tests - lipid profile; insulin (RIA) and glucose; Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae - gene sequencing typing; Trichomonas gallinae - PCR; scrapie resistance PrP genotyping in deer (codon 96) - sequencing; Myxobolus cerebralis (whirling disease pathogen) - PCR; Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) - real-time PCR; Mycoplasma suis, M. wenyonii, M. ovis, M. haemolamae PCR; bromethalin (desmethylbromethalin) - LC-MS/MS; selenium, blood - ICP-MS; bluetongue virus/epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus - PCR; bovine abortion panel - PCR (BoHV-1/IBR, Leptospira, Neospora caninum); Salmonella Dublin - antibody ELISA; Leptospira spp - PCR; bluetongue virus Ab - ELISA; Sporothrix schenckii - RT-PCR.   AHL

Companion animal histopathology tests at the AHL

Josepha DeLay

AHL histopathology tests and associated fees for companion animal biopsies and in-clinic postmortems are categorized based on the number and size of samples. Please be sure to read the details for each subset of test so that you select the correct test for each case. Also please note that for surgical margin evaluation of biopsies >2 cm diameter, the ‘tumor margin evaluation’ test must be selected in addition to the appropriate histopathology test. An additional fee applies for margin evaluation on these larger biopsies. Please refer to the AHL website for current fees.   AHL


Test name

Test code


Histopathology, 1-2 biopsies or tissues




For submissions with 1-2 biopsies or tissues, OR multiple (6 or fewer) punch, trucut, or endoscopic biopsies.

Histopathology, 3-6 biopsies or tissues




For submissions with 3-6 biopsies or tissues, OR biopsies 6-10 cm diameter.

Histopathology, 7 or more biopsies or tissues





For submissions with 7 or more biopsies or tissues, OR biopsies / samples >10 cm diameter (eg large tumors, spleen, brain, mammary chain, heart).

Tumor margin evaluation




Applies in addition to regular histopathology charge. For tumor excisional biopsies >2 cm diameter. Includes preparation of 4 radial margin sections. Must be requested at time of sample submission.


Client Outreach Technician - Josie Given   

Jim Fairles

The AHL is pleased to announce that, under the Ontario Animal Health Network, Josie Given has been named to the permanent position of Client Outreach Technician - https://www.uoguelph.ca/ahl/people/josie-given .

Josie will continue to focus on the voluntary AHL in-clinic milk bacteriology quality program

https://www.uoguelph.ca/ahl/content/ahl-labnote-47-ahl-milk-bacteriology-clinic-laboratory-proficiency-program as well other areas of the in-clinic laboratory. She will also concentrate on helping clinics get the most from their submissions to the lab. This will include demonstration and implementation of the new AHL Client Portal. This portal will provide a user-friendly online submission process in which clinic client information can be stored and retrieved easily. This will aid in giving the AHL the best information needed for testing and scanning surveillance including demographics, premises identification numbers (PIDs), and history.

Josie brings a wealth of experience from her experience in this position under the Disease Surveillance Plan. Please join us in welcoming Josie to this position.   AHL

Small Ruminant Adult Mortality Project deadline approaching - only 2 months left to submit cases!  

Maria Spinato

Small Ruminant Adult Mortality Project Logo

       - Last date to submit a case is July 31, 2018.

- 89 cases completed to date.

Sufficient funds remain to test 80 more cases.

- Postmortems and submitting samples during the warmer months: if the tissues are “green”, the case will be rejected as bacterial cultures will be overgrown and histopathology will be non-diagnostic

- If the samples cannot be shipped overnight or dropped off at AHL, fresh tissue samples and head should be frozen.

- Please check your collection kit to ensure that the formalin and culture swabs are not expired.

AHL Newsletter

June, 2018 - Volume 22, Number 2

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