Course Selection

Engineering Students are encouraged to visit this page periodically for Course Selection Updates


  • ENGG Courses: Space in most ENGG courses is managed using rolling section caps. This means section space is reviewed daily during the initial course selection period, and space is added if necessary after the next selection window opens. This allows for fair, distributed access to sections as each window opens. There is no set time for increases and not every section/course will be increased every day. Normally, space increases take place between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM, but that is not guaranteed.
  • Non-ENGG Courses: If you are having issues registering for a non-ENGG course, there may be temporary restrictions on the course. Please refer to temporary course restrictions page for more information. If the course is required for your program (not an elective), please contact the Engineering Counselling Office for assistance.
  • Course waivers for ENGG courses can normally only be requested for students with transfer credits. Normally students need to have course pre-requisites completed.
  • Contact information to request waivers for courses offered by other departments is available here:
  • If you have a course scheduling conflict, please review other available sections to see if the conflict can be resolved. Otherwise, you may need to select a different course.  
  • Make sure you review all sections for course offerings. There may be multiple pages to look through. 
  • The University Bookstore has a website to help you find your textbooks - 


F24 ENGG Course Cancellations

The following course offerings are cancelled for the fall 2024 semester. Please contact if you require assistance with substitutions.

  • ENGG*3160 Biological Engineering Systems II – Deleted from Calendar
    • BIOE students take ENGG*3020 in F24.  Please contact for assistance with prerequisite waiver for ENGG*3020.
  • ENGG*3270 Electromagnetics in Biomedical Engineering – CANCELLED for F24
    • Elective only – please select another course from the technical elective list for your major.
  • ENGG*3340 GIS In Environmental Engineering – CANCELLED for F24
    • WRE students take GEOG*2480 in F24
  • ENGG*3830 Bio-Process Engineering – Deleted from Calendar
    • No direct replacement course in F24.
    • BIOE students following 2022 calendar or older should take an elective in F24 then ENGG*4010 in F25.
    • BIOE students who switched from 2022 calendar to 2023 calendar should take ENGG*3010 in F24 and ENGG*4010 in F25.  Please contact for assistance with prerequisite waiver for ENGG*3010.
  • ENGG*4080 Micro and Nano-Scale Electronics – CANCELLED for F24
    • Elective only.  Please select a different elective option.
  • ENGG*4360 Soil-Water Conservation Systems Design – CANCELLED for F24
    • WRE students take ENGG*6910*01 (Non-Point Source and BMPs) in F24

F24 ENGG Course and Section Restrictions

Most Priority Access restrictions, listed below, will remain in place until Monday July 15, 2024.  Others will remain in place until September and may not be removed.  WebAdvisor will be closed for registration on the morning of July 15, 2024 while restrictions are being removed and then reopened at 12:00 pm (noon) for resumed registration.

ENGG*1410 Introductory Programming for Engineers

  • Restricted to CENG, ESC and UND
  • This restriction may not be removed

ENGG*1500: Engineering Analysis

  • Restricted to BENG students only
  • This restriction may not be removed

ENGG*2130 Introduction to Environmental Engineering

  • Restricted to ENVE and WRE

ENGG*2160 Engineering Mechanics II

  • Restricted to BME and MECH

ENGG*2410 Digital Systems Design Using Descriptive Languages

  • Restricted to CENG and ESC


  • Restricted CENG

ENGG*3180 Air Quality

  • Restricted to ENVE

ENGG*3390 Signal Processing

  • Restricted to BME, CENG and ESC

ENGG*3450 Electronic Devices

  • Restricted to BIOE, BME, CENG and ESC

ENGG*3590 Water Quality

  • Restricted to ENVE and WRE

ENGG*3640 Microcomputer Interfacing

  • Restricted to CENG and ESC

ENGG*4340 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

  • Restricted to ENVE

ENGG*4390 Bio-instrumentation Design

  • Restricted to BIOE and BME

General information regarding Course Selection is available at the links below.  Please familiarize yourself with this information before Course Selection begins. 

Course Selection Windows 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Temporary Course Restrictions