Honours Bachelor of Arts in Food, Agricultural and Resource Economics – BAH (FARE)

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Learn the skills and knowledge you need to deal with emerging issues in food, agriculture and resource management. Use economic theory and applied methods to improve food systems and policy in Canada and internationally. Strengthen your business and economics skills through advanced projects and case-based courses. Specialize in one of four streams: Food and Agribusiness Management; Food Industry Economics and Management; International Development Economics; or Resource Economics.
What’s Unique? Benefit from flexibility. You can choose many elective courses beyond your declared major or complete a minor.
Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • If not in co-op, get work experience and earn an academic credit that counts towards your graduation with UNIV*3140 Flexible Internship in Agri-Food
  • Study for a semester in another country on a student exchange program.
  • Work with faculty on a research project.
  • Gain leadership skills with the opportunity to run a leadership conference, become a peer helper, organize charity events, and run for student government.
  • Explore the many experiential learning opportunities at Experience Guelph
  • Join student-run clubs to explore areas of interest such as agri-marketing.
How the Learning Unfolds

  1st year:
  laying the foundations      in math, economics,            accounting and   agricultural systems

  2nd year:
  intermediate and                 applied economics for   food markets analysis

  3rd year:
 natural resource         economics, empirical     research methods, cost-   benefit analysis of   public policy

  4th year:
  managerial economics      and policy analysis in          food and agriculture

 Take advantage of the great flexibility this degree offers. Choose electives from four areas of   emphasis – Food & Agribusiness; Food Industry; International Development; Natural Resources.     About half of the required course credits come from electives, so you can easily fit in a minor.
 See the Undergraduate Calendar for more information.

Unique Courses
Introduction to Agri-Food Systems
Economics of the Agri-Food System
Poverty, Food & Hunger
Agri-food Markets and Policy
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Advanced Agribusiness Management
Admission Requirements
Ontario secondary school students applying to the program require English (ENG4U), and 5 additional 4U or 4M courses. However, Advanced Functions (MHF4U) is strongly recommended.
What students are saying
Who to contact for specific questions about the degree
Please contact the department’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator. (Link to the Department’s contacts page)
Financing Your Education
Alumni, friends and partners of OAC support scholarships and awards each year for new and in-course students. The University of Guelph also provides a variety of scholarships and bursaries for deserving students. (Link to Student Finance at UofG)