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Phone: ext. 52769
Office: Room 307

Karl Meilke

Professor Emeritus


Trade and Domestic Policy Analysis


Dr. Meilke was reared on a wheat and cattle ranch and joined the University of Guelph in 1973 following completion of a degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota.

In 1998, he was presented the Ontario Agricultural College Distinguished Researcher Award and became a Fellow of the Canadian Agricultural Economics Society in the same year.

A former Chair of the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium, Dr. Meilke was named in Nov 2004 as director of two national agricultural policy networks:

The Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy Research Network (CATPRN) and

North American Agri-Food Market Integration Consortium (NAAMIC)

Research Impact:

Trade and domestic policy analysis.

Teaching Interests:

Agricultural Trade and Policy, Price Analysis.


Washington State University , 1968

University of Minnesota , 1973

Featured Publications:

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