Natalie Binette

 Natalie - Biomedical Student profile

Why she chose Biomedical Sciences:

"I chose the biomedical sciences program because I thought it would prepare me well for a future in medicine. When I joined the program, I was still uncertain whether I wanted to pursue a career in human or animal medicine, and was grateful to find out that both aspects were covered in the Biomedical Sciences program at Guelph. I was really unsure what courses I should take in order to prepare for a future in the medical field, so the requirements for this program really helped steer me in the right direction."

What she liked most about the program

"I loved every minute of my time in the Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Guelph. I found the material in the courses fascinating and felt that I was really learning the material, not just memorizing it. For example, human anatomy gave me the chance to see and dissect human cadavers, an opportunity that is usually available only to graduate students. I also was very fond of the professors and advisors involved with the program. The professors were knowledgeable, and friendly, with an ability to make classes fun and interesting. As well, the program advisor, Dr. Maclusky, was an extremely valuable aid in my 4th year when I was planning for my future. He gave me the encouragement and support I needed at that stressful and crucial time."

Some interesting things Natalie was involved in

"Throughout my time at the University of Guelph, I participated in a wide variety of activities. Every year I played intramurals- including ice hockey, floor hockey, and soccer. During my first two years of undergrad I volunteered with Meal Exchange, an organization on campus that collects money and donations for local food banks. In 3rd and 4th year, I was inspired to help start a Free the Children club at the University of Guelph after taking a trip to Kenya with the charity. I acted as a co-president, and we raised money to build a school in Kenya, through various activities such as bake sales, guest speakers, and pub nights. In 2011, we even helped organize Hopscotch for Hope, an event that broke the Guinness World Record for longest hopscotch (5.5km), while raising $20000 for Free the Children and Right to Play.

I also participated in College Royal, having lots of fun showing my cat in the cat show."

Her favourite course of the program

"PATH*3610, Principles of Disease. I found it fascinating to learn about all of the common ailments and diseases, and was impressed when I could finally understand what people were talking about on medical dramas! This course confirmed that a career in medicine was truly right for me."

What Natalie's up to now, and her next steps

"I am just about to start Medical school at Western in the fall. I am not quite sure what kind of doctor I want to be just yet, however I know I want to be able to make relationships with my patients- because of this, I am thinking perhaps a family doctor. Whatever I end up doing, I know that my Guelph education gave me many important skills and tools to succeed in my future."