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Sustainable Development Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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The real estate industry as a leader for sustainable innovation.

When professor Rogier Holtermans looks at the biggest culprits of energy consumption, he sees the building sector as one of the largest consumers. Although there are relevant sustainable and innovative solutions available, Holtermans understands that more work is needed to be done before the real estate industry widely adopts these solutions and leads a shift to sustainable technologies.

“I believe that climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation.” 

Financial incentives for sustainable buildings

For Holtermans, the first step is leading research and developing empirical evidence to convince real estate developers, investors, and landlords that these sustainable technologies can both help their bottom line and reduce their environmental footprint.

Holtermans' research focuses on commercial buildings and how to incentivize building owners and investors to improve energy efficiency and adopt sustainable technologies.

"Research is showing that more energy-efficient and sustainable buildings have a price premium, a rent premium, and higher, more stable occupancy rates. So this provides a financial incentive for developers and building owners to invest in these new technologies."


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