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Sustainable Development Goal 8: Dr. Miana Plesca

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Improving equal opportunities for immigrants and their families

How do we ensure that the economy prospers but marginalized individuals can also keep up? Immigrants bring a lot of skills from where they were trained in their home countries. Their skill might need some fine-tuning but opportunities and programs can boost their skills and employability. Lang economics prof Dr. Miana Plesca is exploring ways in which everyone has equal opportunities, including children of immigrants.

“A good society is an equal society where everyone in the society can do well.”

Throughout COVID-19, the gender wage gap has been impacted even further, women may only want part-time work, but there also may be a lack of opportunity for them in a full-time capacity. Dr. Plesca notes that policies are hard to design for everyone because every individual and family is different. Her research looks at both what helps the economy move forward but also what programs the government could put in place to ensure our society is more equitable.



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