New Research Project to Transfer Knowledge to Create Healthy Rural Communities

Posted on Friday, June 5th, 2015

Written by Bakhtawar Khan

Prof Granted Funding for KTT Project:  New Research Project to Transfer Knowledge to Create Healthy Rural Communities 

Transforming knowledge into action requires knowledge to be shared with key stakeholders. Longtime advocate for the health and vitality of rural communities, including the built environment, Dr. Wayne Caldwell directed a locally driven, collaborative project called the Healthy Rural Communities Project, which was funded by Public Health Ontario (for more information, see Healthy Rural Communities Tool Kit.  A Guide for Rural Municipalities.  The project document highlighted “land use and development strategies that can help to enhance the rural built environment and contribute to positive quality of life and health outcomes.” Although the project was well-received in the circles in which it was shared, broader based dissemination of the research is needed to apply the profiled innovative practices to contribute to the development of healthy communities and healthy populations in Ontario.

Recognizing this need, the project team applied for a Knowledge Translation and Transfer (KTT) Funding Program sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). The application was approved and the KTT Project is set to launch in September 2015.

This KTT project will convene workshops in rural communities that include planners, health units, politicians and community members to disseminate and draw attention to strategies that can help develop healthy rural communities. Activities of the project will include in-person knowledge transfer through workshops and conferences as well as on-line sharing of knowledge through social media and web-based platforms including an interactive website. Dr. Caldwell believes that the application of this research can help create healthier communities in which rural people can thrive and this funding will help pave the path towards positive impact. 


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