LA's secure conceptual design for the forecourt plaza of the Gordon Lang School of Business and Economics

Landscape Architects, Maurice Nelischer, Professor Emeritus, with critical help from Kendall Flower (BLA, MPlan alumnus ), have gained approval for the conceptual design for the forecourt plaza for the new Gordon Lang School of Business and Economics.  The site is in front of Macdonald Hall which was recently renovated to accommodate the new college. Construction on the plaza will be started in April 2020.  This is a highly visible campus location at the north end of Wingard Walk .  Nelischer designed the southern terminus of the walk at Branion plaza which was built a few years ago. 

Gibson Contributes to Webinar on the Future of Regional Development in Canada

Canadian regional development today involves multiple actors operating within nested scales from local to national and even international levels. Recent approaches to making sense of this complexity have drawn on concepts such as multi-level governance, relational assets, integration, innovation, and learning regions.

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