LA Professor recipient of 2021 OALA Honorary Membership

At this year’s Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Award ceremony, 2021 CSLA-OALA Congress (May 27 – 29), SEDRD Professor, Dr. Karen Landman, was bestowed with an Honorary Membership to the OALA.  This is an award for individuals whom OALA Council wishes to recognize for outstanding contributions in their own fields to improving the quality of natural and human environments. 

LA Graduate Selected for 2021 U Sports Female Apprentice Coach Program

Natassya Lu originally came to the University of Guelph to pursue a bachelor's degree in the International Development and to pursue her wrestling career. After her first year, she quickly realized that the program was not for her and transferred into the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture program - right next door to the Athletic Centre; these two buildings became her home for the next several years as she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture. 

PhD Candidate Ashleigh Weeden shares concerns about Starlink on CTV’s Your Morning

Ashleigh Weeden (PhD Candidate, Rural Studies) spot to CTV’s Your Morning about why StarLink is not the ideal solution to the lack of affordable, reliable broadband internet in rural Canada. During the May 5th program, Ashleigh discussed various concerns about StarLink, including cost, foreign ownership, and the proliferation of space junk.

Guelph's LA Studio Renewal Underway

The pandemic has really forced our faculty and students to be innovative with course content, to learn new ways of communicating while remotely situated, and to reimagine what a return to the Landscape Architecture building might be like.

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