Passport to Research: SEDRD Graduate Students Share Research at Rural Talks 2 Rural Conference

Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Written by Ryan Gibson

How do you share academic research conducted by graduate students with local practitioners and local leaders to make sure findings and recommendations are put into action? Bridging this divide is always challenging, however, the recent Rural Talks 2 Rural Conference mastered this connection! 

Five PhD students from the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development participated in the Passport to Research session on October 18, 2018. The session was designed to allow conference participants to rotate to different sessions hosted by graduate researchers. Each PhD student prepared activities and materials to  related to topics related to their research and community engagement:

Katie Allen sharing information with another participant at tablePhoto:  Katie Allen, left (PhD student in Rural Studies) shared information on creating shared resource hubs.

Pam Duesling (left) sharing information on her research with participant at table boothPhoto:  Pam Duesling, left (PhD student in Rural Studies) shared information on agricultural diversification on prime agricultural land.

Mary Ferguson (left) sharing information to conference attendeesPhoto:  Mary Ferguson, left (PhD in Rural Studies graduate) shared information on leveraging rural social enterprises.

Stephanie Gariscsak presenting information in front of conference attendeesPhoto:  Stephanie Gariscsak, standing right (PhD student in Rural Studies) shared information on body mapping with LGBTQ+ rural youth.

Verena Kulak (centre) explaining research to two conference attendeesPhoto:  Verena Kulak, centre (PhD student in Rural Studies) shared information on the role of spirituality in the decision-making process related to native plant restoration.

The Passport to Research session was an amazing opportunity for doctoral students to share their research with community leader, nonprofit organizations, and businesses. Conference participants indicated they enjoyed learning about the innovative research being conducted and how it could be used in their respective communities. 

Journalists from Market Street Strategies created a short video highlighting each of the ten researchers involved in the Passport to Research. This video can be found at the Rural Talks to Rural 2018 website.  The Rural Talks 2 Rural Conference was hosted by the Canadian Centre for Rural Creativity in Blyth, Ontario. 

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