SEDRD Well Represented at CRRF 2018 Conference

Posted on Monday, October 15th, 2018

Written by Ryan Gibson

The School of Environmental Design and Rural Development was well represented at the recent Health and Shared Prospersity: Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference in Saskatoon. The conference brought togetehr community leaders, government policy makers, students, and researchers from across Canada and internationally to share research and community initiatives in rural development. 

The following SEDRD students contributed presentations to the conference: 

  • Scott Brown (PhD student): Building Capacity, Promoting Health: The Story, Accomplishments and Challenges of Gateway Centre of Excellence for Rural Health
  • Cameron Curran (RPD student): Beyond Pipe Dreams: Successes, Challenges, and Opportunities for Alternative Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems in Rural Canada
  • Sara Epp (PhD student): Growing Agricultural Communities in Northern Ontario: Lessons from Anabaptist Farmers
  • Stephanie Gariscsak (CDE student): Building resilience for rural LGBTQ+ Youth and their communities
  • Valencia Gaspard (PhD student): Investigating Precarious Employment in Rural Ontario
  • Tracey Harvey (PhD student): Transitioning to the new rural cannabis economy
  • Stephen Penner and Danielle Robinson (PhD students): Shared stories: teachings around the meaning of food sovereignty from rural and Indigenous communities
  • Alex Petric (RPD student): Opportunities and Obstacles for Open Data in Rural Canada
  • Neil Stoop (RPD student): What People Say: Application of Rural Definitions and Descriptors of Community in Ingersoll, Ontario
  • Ashleigh Weeden (PhD student): Rural 2.0: Place-Based Rural Community Innovation Systems

Copies of the presentations, panels, and posters will be available shortly on the conference website at The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation is a national charity and nonprofit organization that strives to better the lives of rural Canadians. More information can be found  on the CRRF website

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