Sharing Solutions: UoG Students Present at Canadian Water Resources Association National Conference

Posted on Wednesday, June 12th, 2019

Written by Erinn Lee

Dr. Sheri Longboat and five of her graduate students in the Rural Planning & Development program of the School of Environmental Design & Rural Development (SEDRD), Cameron Curran, Emily Bowerman, Natalya Garrod, Erinn Lee and Renee Le Roux, presented at the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) national conference at Blue Mountain this year. The CWRA is the oldest and largest member-based water resources management association in Canada and their national conference brings together water professionals and researchers to share and engage in water management discussions and challenges. This year’s theme was “Shared Water, Competing Ethics: Collaboration in Water Management”.

UofG students and Dr. Sheri Longboat at CWRA conferencePhoto:  University of Guelph Master’s students in the Rural Planning & Development program presenting at the CWRA National Conference. From left: Cameron Curran, Emily Bowerman, Dr. Sheri Longboat, Natalya Garrod and Erinn Lee. Not pictured: Renee Le Roux (presented virtually).

The group presented two panels. The first panel entitled, “Lessons from Indigenous and Community-Engaged Water Research”, illustrated the scope of Indigenous related research conducted in SEDRD, highlighted diverse Indigenous interests in water and water management, and offered key lessons learnt by the researchers regarding Indigenous engagement and collaboration.  The second panel entitled, “From Policy to Practice: New Research for Protecting Shared Waters”, presented leading edge research that bridges policy and practice for protecting source and shared waters. Key focuses included best practices for onsite septic systems, phosphorus loading into Lake Erie from agricultural sources, and source water protection models on First Nations reserves in Ontario.

Overall, the conference provided a wonderful opportunity for the students to share their research and engage with Canada’s water community. Thank you to Dr. Sheri Longboat and the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development for this opportunity.

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