Gibson leads a Panel Discussion on the Role of the Senate in Rural Development

Posted on Thursday, October 10th, 2019

The Senate is a key institution in the Canadian parliamentary system. Composed of representatives from across the country, the Senate provide a complementary review of government bills before they become the law and undertakes investigations on important social and political issues. A key role of the Senate is for the representation of regional interests. During the Sustainable Communities Conference in St John’s on October 5, Dr. Ryan Gibson moderated a panel discussion with Senator Rob Black, Senator Mary Coyle, and Senator Diane Griffin. The panel discussion explored how the Senate is currently advancing rural development across Canada and how rural leaders and researchers can better provide experiences and knowledge to the Senate to support their work. A brief report from the panel discussion will be circulated through the Sustainable Communities Conference - be sure to check their website for more details in the coming days. 

Panel Discussion Members standing togetherPhoto:  Sen. Diane Griffin, Sheila Downer, Sen. Rob Black, Sen. Mary Coyle, and Dr. Ryan Gibson.

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