Weeden contributes chapter to collection on the future of cities

Posted on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

Ashleigh Weeden, SEDRD PhD Rural Studies candidate,

‘Some Thoughts’ is a collection of ideas about policies, strategies, or practices that elevate questions about our collective futures through the lens of communities. The collection represents an ambitious gathering of wide, deep, creative, and bold ideas about the future from thought leaders across Canada and internationally, presented in short, provocative and conversational style chapters. Nearly 100 contributions were gathered from thought leaders across a broad range of sectors into this collection curated and edited by Nasma Ahmen, Matthew Claudel, Zahra Ebrahim, Christoper Pandolfi, and Bianca Wylie. Ashleigh was invited to contribute some thoughts on rurality and imagining the future beyond the city with a chapter titled ‘Radical Rurality: Imagining Multiple Futures Beyond the City Limits’.

Some Thoughts’ has been published as a free-to-download open access collection. You can read the entire collection online or download a PDF copy.

Visit the "Some Thoughts" website to go directly to Ashleigh Weeden's chapter entitled "Radical Rurality:  Imagining Multiple Futures Beyond the City Limits".


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