New Publication: Enhancing ICT Adoption and Use through Change Leadership

Posted on Monday, May 4th, 2020

Dr. Chowdhury has been collaborating with the University of Alberta and the University of the West Indies, Trinidad, to undertake participatory action research on technology stewardship― a model for strengthening change leadership role for adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) within any kind of community of practice. The model focuses on developing competencies of the Technology Stewards for facilitating and demonstrating change leadership in the adoption and use of low-cost digital technologies for communications, training, and knowledge transfer. Chowdhury and his colleagues published two articles that document the key outcomes of this ongoing collaboration.  The articles analyzed and discussed the learning objectives, design, observations, and development outcomes of the piloting of technology stewardship training courses in the Caribbean. The papers can be read online in the Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension entitled, ‘Fostering effective use of ICT in agricultural extension and in the Journal of learning for development entitled, ‘Enhancing ICT Adoption and Use through Change Leadership.’

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