SEDRD PhD Candidate Ashleigh Weeden shares why shows like Schitt’s Creek and Letterkenny serve as love letters to rural Canada in article on The Conversation

Posted on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Four people standing outside in front of motel
The Rose family of Schitt's Creek

Rural Studies PhD candidate Ashleigh Weeden recently co-authored an article for The Conversation with Maggie J Whitten Henry and Dr. Laurie Brinklow (both from the University of PEI) on the popularity of television shows like Schitt’s Creek and Letterkenny and why they represent ‘love letters’ to rural Canada. The commentary has been picked up by several media outlets, with several CBC radio stations interviewing Ashleigh about the article and featuring her commentary in a CBC digital news story. The article has been read more than 19,000 times and widely distributed by media figures across the country.  The UofG news article ‘Letterkenny’ and ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Are Love Letters to Rural Canada is also posted on the UofG website.

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