SEDRD GTA Application Deadline

Date and Time


The SEDRD Graduate Teaching Assistantship Job Postings for Fall 2014 are available.  To apply for these positions, graduate student candidates should apply directly through the TA and Sessional webpage.  Deadline for applications is Friday, July 25 by noon.

If you have any questions please contact Anna Gallina, SEDRD Administrative Assistant at

RPD*6170 Rural Research Methods (Cummings) .5
RPD*6240 Rural Planning and Development Theory (Devlin) .5
EDRD*2020 Interpersonal Communication (Hambly) .5
EDRD*3120 Educational Communication (TBD) .5
EDRD*3400  Sustainable Communities (Mahone) 2 x .5
EDRD*4120 Leadership Development for Small Organizations (Murray) .5
EDRD*3500 Tourism and Recreation Planning (Staempfli) 2 x .5
LARC*1100 Design and Communication Studio (Nelischer/Fleischauer) 2 x .5
LARC*1950 History of Culture and Form (Harder) .75
LARC*2100 Landscape Analysis (Brown/TBD) 2 x .5
LARC*2240 Plants in the Landscape (Landman) 3 x .5
LARC*2410 Site Engineering (Zuzinjak) 2 x .5
LARC*3040 Site Planning and Design Studio (Harder/Henderson) 2 x .5
LARC*3060 Landscape Architecture II (Landman/Hall) 2 x .5
LARC*3070 Landscape Architecture III (Burcher/Amoroso) 2 x .5
LARC*3320 Principles of Landscape Ecology (TBD) 2 x .5
LARC*3440 Landscape Construction II (Kelly) 2 x .5
LARC*4510 Honours Thesis (Perkins) 2 x .5
LARC*4610 Professional Practice (Kelly/Perkins) .5
UNIV*2200 Towards Sustainability (Nelischer) .5
DTM*2200 Landscape Construction (Fleischauer) .5


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