SEDRD Students Seek the Welfare and Improve Access to Health Services in Guelph

Posted on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Graduate students in the Capacity Development and Extension program are working hard to contribute to a cause that the Guelph Community has been fighting for the last few months regarding the relocation of the Pacemaker Clinic to Kitchener, Ontario.  CDE students were brought together by the Community Environmental Leadership class with a mission to seek the welfare and improve the health of hundreds of pacemaker patients, their families and of Guelph residence.  They are actively pursuing the wellness of Guelph community members who no longer have proper access to health services in Guelph. The students met with Dr. Bill Winegard, past-President of the University of Guelph who is the leading advocate of this issue to understand how the loss of this pacemaker clinic is affecting the heath and wellness of Guelph residents, particularly the elderly.  The students are actively getting to the heart of the issue in order to improve the physical health of so many members of our community.

Students meet with Dr. Bill Winegard
From left:  Sharon Steenburg, Teréz Szoke, past-President Dr. Bill Winegard, Faiza Omar, Mangla Shandal
Bottom:  Keisha Davis


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