SEDRD's R2B2 Project Welcomes Unprecedented Funding Announcement

Posted on Friday, August 12th, 2016

Written by Helen Hambly Odame

The recent announcement of approximately $300 million invested over the next five years in broadband infrastructure is great news according to a SEDRD researcher. "A faster, higher quality and more ubiquitous fibre optic network in rural SW Ontario and Niagara Region is overdue," says R2B2 project leader Dr. Helen Hambly. 

Since 2012, Hambly and a number of her students have worked with municipalities across southwestern Ontario on feasibility studies and analysis that informs broadband investments. "Students are eager to work with communities to understand both the opportunities and obstacles of the digital economy in rural areas," says Hambly. 

From studies that address connectivity gaps that affect the adoption of precision agriculture technologies to the lack of rural hotspots accessible to youth there are a wide range of topics that students can focus on in order to build their careers. Hambly further states, "Current or new graduate students who want to join this next generation of digital rural development studies are certainly welcomed!" 

Dr. Hambly tweets updates on the R2B2 project and related work @RuralCom_UoG

See University of Guelph News Release here.

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