Academic Standing

An academic standing is assigned to each and every undergraduate student during academic review. The academic standing is assigned according to their Continuation of Study schedule's requirements and considers the student's cumulative and/or semester average and the number of course attempts they have. When academic review is complete the Term Academic Standing is shown on WebAdvisor and can be accessed using the Current Academic Standing tab under Academics when logged into your account.

Eligible to Continue

A student who does satisfy the program requirements for continuation of study will be eligible to continue.


A student who does not satisfy the program requirements for continuation of study will be allowed to continue in the student's program if granted probationary status. Normally probation is granted automatically if it is the first time that a student does not satisfy the program requirements for Continuation of Study (see Note below). Probation may also be granted as a result of a request for academic consideration for a student who had been required to withdraw. While on probation a student must maintain a minimum semester average of 60.00% to continue on probation and achieve a minimum cumulative average of 60.00% to have probation removed and eligibility to continue reinstated.

Required to Withdraw

A student who does not satisfy the program requirements for continuation of study will be required to withdraw from the University for a minimum of two semesters. Students who are required to withdraw may request permission to continue on probation by submitting a Request for Academic Consideration to the Academic Review Sub-Committee.

When a student is required to withdraw from the university any registration for a future semester is withdrawn. A student who has been required to withdraw and who has submitted an appeal to the Academic Review Sub-Committee will not be allowed to attend classes until an appeal is granted.

Readmission to a program at the University of Guelph is not automatic. Students who are required to withdraw must apply for readmission to the University after completing the minimum two semesters of rustication. They re-apply as an Internal Transfers and Readmission Applicant. Information about the procedures and criteria for re-admission may be obtained from your Program Counsellor. Please note that readmission to your program is not automatic.


Effective Fall 2001 the University of Guelph approved a change in how the requirements of the Continuation of Study policy are enforced. Degree students who should be required to withdraw at the end of a fall semester are allowed to Continue on Probation in the winter semester that immediately follows (see QUICK FACTS: PROBATION for more information).

If you choose not to register for the winter semester immediately following, or if you register and subsequently withdraw, your academic record will remain unchanged and your fall term academic standing will revert to Required to Withdraw. The University will consider winter as the first semester of the required two semester rustication period and you will be eligible to apply for re-admission to the University of Guelph for the following fall semester.