Quick Facts: Dropping a Course

You should use WebAdvisor to drop a course. When you drop a course using WebAdvisor you may wish to confirm that the course has been removed from your record. You can do this by logging out of WebAdvisor, logging back into WebAdvisor, and viewing your schedule. If the course you dropped does not appear on your revised schedule the request has been processed.

If you wish not to use WebAdvisor you may also use a paper process to drop a course. To do this you must obtain an Undergraduate Course Request form, complete all requested information, and submit it to Enrolment Services, UC Level 3 (North End). The form is available on the Office of Registrarial Services website and in hard copy from one of Enrolment Services, UAIC, your program counseling office. NOTE: If you do not submit the form to Enrolment Services the course will NOT be dropped from your record!

Types of Courses

Effective FALL 2019 single semester courses may be dropped up until the last class day of the semester in which they are registered. Also effective FALL 2019 two-semester courses may be dropped up to the last class day of the second semester. Specific dates for a semester are provided in Section III--Schedule of Dates of the current Undergraduate Calendar

There are also courses that require Instructor Notification to be dropped. This requirement must be specified on the course outline and announced in the first class meeting. Notification may be required in courses where the student must care for laboratory animals, or where supplies on loan must be returned.

Dropping a Course after the Deadline

The drop of a course after the deadline is normally only permitted in exceptional circumstances. If you feel you have circumstances that may merit consideration you should speak to your program counsellor about making a Request for Academic Consideration.


Any tuition that may be refunded for a dropped course continually decreases over the first thirty class days. (For specific percentages refer to Refunds in Section VI--Schedule of Fees of the current Undergraduate Calendar.) Note: Per the Academic Load policy all students registered in 2.00 credits or more in a semester are considered to be full-time and pay full-time fees, therefore no refund is applicable when a student drops a course unless his/her Academic Load is/or falls below 2.00 credits. (See Academic Load in Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar.)

Note: Student Type Academic

The student type Academic is assigned to a student record by the Office of Registrarial Services when they are notified that a student is under investigation for academic misconduct. While under investigation for academic misconduct a student's type remains Academic and s/he cannot make changes to his/her registered courses. While the original student type is re-instated upon the conclusion of the investigation a student cannot drop a course if a numerical penalty has been assigned as the result of a finding of guilt.