Quick Facts: Required to Withdraw

Required to Withdraw (RTW) is the Academic Standing assessed when a student is not allowed to continue in their studies at the University of Guelph based on academic performance. There are two reasons this may happen: the student did not satisfy Continuation of Study requirements or the student has failed a specific course more than once and is in an academic program that has a Multiple Failure Rule (which would be noted in Program Information for that degree in SectionX--Degree Programs of the appropriate Undergraduate Calendar).

When a student is RTW as a result of Continuation of Study requirements that student is not allowed to register at the University for a minimum period of two semesters (see Continuation of Study in Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar). After the two-semester period of rustication a student may apply for readmission to the University. Readmission to a program (or to the University) is not automatic.

When a student is RTW under a Multiple Failure Rule that student may be prevented from continuing in a specific specialization and/or the degree program. In order to determine possible options students in this situation should first read the Program Information section for the specific degree program (Section X of the current Undergraduate Calendar) and then consult with the Program Counsellor for the degree program.

When can a student be required to withdraw from the University?

RTW decisions based on Continuation of Study policy requirements are only enforced following the winter or summer semesters. RTW decisions based on multiple failure rules are made following each semester.

How will I know if I have been required to withdraw from the University?

When a student is RTW from the University that student is notified of the decision in writing by Undergraduate Program Services, Office of Registrarial Services. A student can also determine what their academic standing will be by comparing their academic record to Continuation of Study requirements. The last completed Term Academic Standing is on the Program/Academic Evaluation on WebAdvisor as well.

Can I appeal a required to withdraw decision?

Students may appeal an RTW decision by making a Request for Academic Consideration (see Section III of the current Undergraduate Calendar for submission deadline dates). Requests for Academic Consideration may be granted by the Academic Review Sub-Committee based on medical, psychological or compassionate grounds (see Academic Consideration in Section VIII of the current Undergraduate Calendar).

When you are required to withdraw does summer semester count as one of the two semesters of rustication?

Rustication begins the semester following the RTW decision (i.e. when a student is RTW at the end of the winter semester the period of rustication begins with the summer semester). Should a student be RTW as the result of deferred privileges while registered in a subsequent semester s/he will begin rustication at the end of the currently registered semester.

When you are required to withdraw can you register at the University of Guelph?

When a student is RTW from an undergraduate degree program that student cannot register in any degree program courses. That student may register in the Open Learning program or apply to an Associate Diploma program offered by the University of Guelph.

When you are required to withdraw can you register at another university or at a college?

Ontario universities honour periods of rustication imposed by each other. Normaly this means that a student will not receive an Offer of Admission from a different university until after the completion of the imposed period of rustication. Students may, however, receive an Offer of Admission from a college.

Strategies to Support an Application for Readmission

Students considering readmission should consult with the appropriate program counsellor regarding procedures and criteria for readmission to that program.